Hello, My name is Raymond, and I am currently a new parent with a fulltime job and a wife who work and goes to school part time and a Love for Retro Gaming. I currently own over 600 retro video game titles. With only about 2 hours a day at night when my child is asleep I don’t have much time to play. This blog will indulge you into my life as a retro gamer as well as the bumps and crossroads of trying to maintain a Marriage, being a Father and still getting through my backlog, Each post I will have given myself a week to beat a game I couldn’t beat when I was younger or heard how difficult it was from my friends. Whether I beat it or not I only give myself 7 days, As I play the game I will jot down any other happenings in my life at the time. So join me in my crazy adventure as I try to beat Old NES hard games while trying to be the best Father I can.



One thought on “Introduction

  1. You are the best daddy in the whole wide world, I’m so proud of you. You and Raymond are the reasons that make me want to live…


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