Weekending 4/16 StarFox SNES


  • Introduction

With the New Star Fox coming out in 2 weeks I decided to start on the original for SNES. I will not be doing the N64 version of the game because I have beaten that one every single way possible on every difficulty level.

As a kid I could only finish the level 1 path this week I will be trying to beat all 3 paths to finally put this game to rest. The only thing I can remember when I was a kid is that my older cousin Jeff could go through 3 without even sweating.

  • Day 1

For some reason I just couldn’t get myself motivated to start. I had an exhausting day at work due to the demand to cut hours. You know “Not enough man hours to fill the day”So with that being said and our Night crew guy asking for the weekend off we had to do as much as we could to catch up. When I got home, Raymond surprisingly went to bed without a hitch and I shortly followed behind him. Tomorrow is another day.


  • Day 2

Tonight was the night I started Star Fox. Pretty routine for me, just went through level one flawlessly like usual. In the middle of me playing right around the space armada level, My son had woken up due to gas pains. This happens every once in a while usually takes some gas drops and some rocking to get him back off to slumber land, Thank god for the pause button. Level one finished.

  • Day 3

Tonight my wife was home, she had a lot of studying to do for an upcoming test. as she was in the kitchen studying I played level 2. This morning I had to work a 6 am shift so while I was playing the game exhaustion started to kick in. Kiddo didn’t wake up, however in the middle of my game I heard my wife yell from the other room “Ray, we have a problem! There are ants in the house!” So I had to pause and play exterminator for 10 minutes to find where they were coming from, I was able to so I sprayed the crevice behind the fridge they were coming from. promptly after I continued the game. as I was getting more tired I was getting sloppy. I did fine till I got to Sector Y and that’s when it all went down. I just couldn’t get through I had died 3 times and had to use a continue. After that I got angry and focused a little better and was able to trudge through the rest of the game without dying again. Level 2 Finished


  • Day 4

This day was my day off however my wife leaves the house at 5 am and has to go to her school. So I’m off to take care of the baby all day until she gets home where I go to my second job. When I got home I was really exhausted and decided to try level 3 anyways. I lost Terribly. Could not get past Macbeth. died at least 8 times on that planet and used all continues. it was an improvement from my childhood I never reached Macbeth so I made progress. After I turned the game off for the night I didn’t feel right. My body temp kept changing from hot to cold as I slept. Allergies were coming…

  • Day 5

Tonight was my late night at my full-time job, so I wasn’t getting home till 9 After I dropped the little squirt off to my parents house so they could watch him while the wife was at school, at work.. I started feeling ill…Really quick It was the time of the year. By the time I had got home I felt like I was hit by a Truck. No Gaming tonight and only one night left. I don’t play games on Sunday because my wife is usually home and I like to spend time with her and the kid so, I needed to feel better for tomorrow was do or die.

  • Day 6

Tonight was the last night, I had put Raymond to bed and I was ready, I knew I only had one more shot at this, So I played. I had felt better than the day before, unfortunately that didn’t stop me from failing…. I would have liked my first post to be a massive victory for me but no, I failed. But….I got pretty damn close. so that was an improvement. I managed to get all the way to the final form of Andross who is the final boss. Jeff you still got this one over my head… god damn.


  • After thought

So Star Fox had defeated me. but I’m not too upset considering I was almost there and could almost taste it. So this one goes back into the backlog for another day, hopefully I can do it again when the time comes and come out victorious!

Thanks for listening!,



One thought on “Weekending 4/16 StarFox SNES

  1. I can definitely say you did a whole helluva lot better with Star Fox than I ever have…never was really that good with flying games! Looking forward to seeing what you attempt next. Ninja Gaiden perhaps…..?

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