Weekending 4/23


This Week I found it very difficult to find time to play any games for this blog, unfortunately it was a crazy week. Since our Night crew guy is on his vacation we had to pull more weight around the store to get everything done.  On Monday by the time the little guy went to bed I decided that considering I finally had the chance I’ve been waiting for that I would watch Star Wars the Force Awakening. I only watched about half this night and then the next night I watched the other half and Boy I must say that it was such a refresher compared to the last 3 installments of the film’s saga. I enjoyed this one very much and I usually hate new movies…. although J.J. Abrams has been pretty good directing.

My Gamestop day has switched to Wednesdays, and My late night was Friday again this week. and Saturday, Star Fox Zero came out which I still didn’t even get a chance to try.

This week I should be able to dive back into my backlog, I have a few ideas of what the next game will be. It’s either going to be an obscure humorsous one….or a complete Shock/surprise to the Audience





One thought on “Weekending 4/23

  1. nice, I really enjoyed the new Star Wars as well! I’m looking forward to seeing how this new story plays out, and hopefully the next director (since Abrams was only attached to the first one) will do just as good a job with Episode VIII. I’m curious to see which game you would choose as a “shocker” for us haha 🙂

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