Weekending 4/30/16 Ducktales, and Chip N Dale’s rescue Rangers for NES


  • Introduction

Shocked? I’ve Never beaten DuckTales as a kid, Mostly because I didn’t own the game. This one probably Shocks people because it’s regarded as an easy game yet fun, Well here is my experience.


  • Day 1

Work was….Well you know, work. Night crew guy had not returned from his vacation so we had to continue to scuffle around and play catch up while we were behind. All in all I had to start something for I haven’t played any games last week, At first I decided I wanted to try out Star Fox Zero, So I did and I must say I really really REALLY want to like it, but the gimmicky controls just cripple it for me. So I played that for about and hour after Raymond had gone to bed. Then I decided I should play DuckTales and see how far I get, Should be Easy right? Wrong, Couldn’t get passed the Amazon level… What was going on? Was I that exhausted?! I tried 3 times and I couldn’t do it. I was starting to get frustrated so I gave up Stating how much I hated this game in my log book. After a while I just gave up and went to bed hoping the little guy wouldn’t wake up in the middle of the night.



  • Day 2

Looked like this night was going to be a rough one.  By the time I put the little guy down to bed it started pouring outside with loud thundering. It was only a matter of time before he would wake up from the noise. So after I ate my dinner I decided to have at it. With great success I managed to get through the amazon level. Then it happened. My little buddy had woken up with a loud shot of thunder. As went to attend to him the thundering was tapering off finally I was able to put him back down and continue the game. By that point I was starting to get my groove on the controls with that game. I got through the Transylvania Level then died in the mine level. No Continues in this game which for some reason I thought there were but whatever….NES hard right? I started over, the little one had waken up again. didn’t think I was going to finish tonight.  This time he had gas pains. I gave him some gas drops and off to slumber land he went. This was the last time he had woken up this night he slept the rest of the night. When I got back to the game I was able to make it all the way to the final boss. Died trying because I couldn’t figure his pattern out at first.  So I figured what the hell go for it again.  This time I went all the way and beat the final boss.  It was great. Finally completed a game for this blog.


  • Day 3

Since I had completed DuckTales, I figured I’d do a bonus game and I went to Chip N’ Dale rescue rangers.  The only thing is I have beaten this one before so I already knew I could do it but I think the last time I even played the game I was 8….I’m 33 now. My wife was home tonight and I wasn’t working at my other job so Once my lil buddy went to sleep I decided to give it a go. and I finished it flawlessly, Super easy…Easier then DuckTales in my opinion.  I ended the game with almost 22 lives. As a kid I remember this game much harder. I guess certain things do get easier when you get older.


  • Rest Of the Week

I got two games done this week so for the rest of the week I just relaxed and tried play Star Fox Zero again,  I managed to beat the easiest path but the controls were still a nightmare for me even though I had started to get used to them. I guess I can keep trying. I really want to like this game I really do.


One thought on “Weekending 4/30/16 Ducktales, and Chip N Dale’s rescue Rangers for NES

  1. awesome man! I don’t think I’ve ever beaten Ducktales either…though that may be partly because I only used to play it cause I loved the music haha! would love to play chip n’ dale though, never had a chance to try it out. sorry the new star fox is kind of a bummer :/


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