Weekending 5/7/16 Kung-Fu For Nes

  • Introduction

Growing up as a kid…EVERYONE I knew Had this awesome game, and I mean everyone…….except me. Anybody’s home I went to ,this was always in their collection. I used to play it it and laugh hysterically  when you made Thomas kick because he made the funny Bruce lee type noises. For the NES it was quite entertaining but the game is so old that I would be lucky if I could get passed the first boss at the end of the stage. Let’s see if I can put that to rest and make it all the way till the end shall we?


  • Day 1

The night before was an absolute  nightmare. Raymond had picked up a cold and was sick the entire weekend making him very irritable to sleep. Because of him not sleeping I was very exhausted so I didn’t get any playing time in this day at all. Little guys well being as way more important then playing the game on the first day. So I went to bed early.


  • Day 2

Now I was sick, to make things worse, Raymond was still not getting any better. The saving grace this day was my little buddy was sleeping better giving me more time to rest and try to feel a little better. It was really starting to look bleak on whether I was going to finish a game this week let alone start one…. Went to bed early again.


  • Day 3

Feeling a little better but the little guy still was feeling yucky. At this point it had been raining since Sunday. No sun whatsoever and I was starting to get miserable and my allergies weren’t helping. It was starting to get depressing. Then to top it all off there was an escaped convict ravishing though the town driving everyone insane and scaring the bejesus out of everyone. This is my greatest gripe about social media. On Facebook it was everywhere. “Lock your Doors and Your windows.” This is the second time this has happened in 18 months. Why do they all come to my little humble town? No gaming had to stay on my guard while sick with a sick 10 month old. ugh…

  • Day 4

Still no sun…..all of a sudden the convict was gone, Everyone stopped talking about. Was he caught? Did he go to another town? Was everyone shot by the MIB mind erase beam and forgot? This was the day, once Raymond was put down to bed I was going to go for it. I felt better and I knew I had a few days left. So I decided to test the waters out a bit. Unfortunately though I only needed 30 minutes….Yeah that’s it. The Game is ONLY 5 STAGES!!!! It’s not as hard as I remember it at all! Once you figure out patterns the game is a simple tear through. The only challenge I came across was Mr.X at the end he gave a bit of trouble. Once you save Sylvia the game resets to the 1st stage and the dragon counter clocks one. It’s the Same 5 stages. In my opinion this is complete. However I did some research and if you go through the game 50 times in a row the last boss is replaced by Sylvia. I don’t think I need to go that far that would drive me insane and after at it keeps going…. Don’t get me wrong this is still a great game, but as a kid I thought it had more meat to it, Then again it was an older black box game meaning it was an arcade type having no real end.


  • Rest of the Week

I honestly thought this game was going to be longer then 5 stages but I try not to do too much research into something want to go hands on unless I can’t figure something out or get stuck. The next day My Box from video games monthly came which is a loot crate type box that just delivers about 5 retro games a month to my door step it’s pretty cool.  I just found out you can send them a wish list so I worked on that and did some other odds and ends. At the time of this writing Raymond is still sick. He is getting better, it’s just a cold but it effects his sleeping which is when I do most of my gaming. He is sleeping through the night though so he’s almost there

Like Always Thanks for reading!!!




One thought on “Weekending 5/7/16 Kung-Fu For Nes

  1. yeah I heard about that escaped convict guy. ridiculous. sorry to hear your little guy wasn’t feeling the greatest, hope he’s better by now! I never beat Kung-Fu either. as a kid I thought it was fun for what it was…but even then I lost interest after about 5 minutes haha.


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