Weekending 5/14/16 Friday the 13th for the NES

Introduction: This week I decided to tackle a hard one. Considering Friday the 13th fell on this week, I decided Why not? The last batch had been way to easy, Ducktales? Kung Fu? Chip N Dale? This is the real deal. This game was super common, and everyone I know who had it complained it was hard and it sucked. I on the other hand believe this game is an Under rated  masterpiece! Waaaaay ahead of it’s time. Forget what the Angry Video Game Nerd says about it(google him he’s great and I’m a long time fan). There is no other game like this one. Unique and it follows the movies (except for the zombies).

  • Day 1

This one I started right away….No messing around. I knew this game was hard and would be an accomplishment. Once Little one hit the crib I hit the NES. Now I knew I was not going to get through it tonight, I wanted to get a feel for the game work through the mechanics and on top of that Raymond was a little difficult to put to sleep so I was waiting for him to wake up in the middle of my game(he didn’t). So working through the game I found out 2 things.

  1. All the counselors except Mark and Crissy suck.
  2. Lighting the fireplaces is useless.

I fought off Jason the first night unfortunately had one counselor left which I learned another thing. If you only have one counselor left….Jason Doesn’t run away from you…he fights you till one of you are dead. Game Over night 1.



  • Day 2

Tonight was my late night, and I had to pick up a few groceries so by the time I got home the little guy was put to bed and my wife was asleep, Normally I would try to play however I had to work at 6:30 am the next morning. I’ll Try again tomorrow.


  • Day 3

While on break at work I googled some strategies to help me on my way, What I came up with was, the torch is the best weapon to fight off Jason and a simple way to get it right away, but you need a couple items like a lighter, a key to get into the cabin in the woods and a knife. So I decided to grab the torch and see what kind of damage it will do to Jason. Turns out it does the most damage of all weapons that you can use against Jason. So I get the torch with Mark, and try to give it another go. As I was getting the torch I had to defend the kids against Jason with the other counselors. Which since I knew I would ultimately just be using Mark to fight off Jason I didn’t even try, I had lost Paul and George right away. Once I got the torch I hunted him down with Mark. Fought him off no problem Survived night 1 again. However, Night 2 he’s harder to fight in the cabins. He uses 2 speeds. Day 1 speed where he is slow, and then a super charged faster speed.  I got a little further but wasn’t able to finish him off on day 2. Making Progress but not quite there yet.


  • Day 4

No gaming tonight. I was with my Son all day and he had worn me out. After I put him to bed I decided to watch the Deadpool movie since everyone was talking about it. During the movie little guy woke up twice. So it wasn’t all bad he hadn’t woken up during my last 2 gaming sessions so I couldn’t complain. I thoroughly enjoyed it but I knew I had only 2 more days to complete this hard game and wasn’t where I wanted to be I didn’t think I would finish, this game was challenging….NES hard, not like these new hold your hand type games. At some points I didn’t feel comfortable in what I was doing.


  • Day 5 (Friday the 13th)

If I was going to do this, I was going to do it today, it would only make sense. So once the little guy was in slumber-land, I went for it, but this time I had my strategy I was gonna work out and it went down just like this:

I started with Mark and went right after the torch but, on my way to getting the torch I found an axe, so I handed that one off to Crissy just in case I needed to fight off Jason on the other side of the map it would make it much easier. After I survived night 1. I went into the cave with Mark. when you are in the cave you fight Jason’s Mother’s severed head. If you defeat her head you get a sweater. This turned out to be a much needed item for sweater halves the damage Jason does to you. At this point I needed to keep Mark alive at all costs for he had the torch and the sweater plus I had stocked up on vitamins (health potions). So I used the remainder of the camp counselors to fight off Jason for night 2 and eventually defeated him at the cost of their lives. By Day 3 I had only Mark and Crissy left. this is when I learned the best lesson about this game….

While cruising around the map as Mark, Jason had encountered me outside the Cabin, He does less damage when he’s outside the cabin plus I had the sweater on. For some odd reason Jason did not run away so I spammed the attack button on him and before I knew it, I got him! He was defeated and I beat the game. You can Beat him outside the cabin. On Day 3 he’s super fast in the cabin and it’s  very hard to dodge his attacks! within Seconds of day 3 I had defeated Jason swiftly and easily and I did it on Friday the 13th No Less! What a victory!


  • Rest of the Week

I had basked in the glory that I had completed this game. This game felt so impossible when I was younger and it scared the bejesus out of me. So I want to close out saying this, There is another terror in the woods you should be afraid of….ME as I wrecked Jason in his own turf in one of the hardest games in the NES library. Thanks for listening!







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