Weekending 5/28/16 Rocket Knight Adventures

  • Introduction

So, Alf was a complete disaster, with that being said I decided that I wanted to play a game I knew I was going to have fun with and never could beat as a child. Rocket Knight Adventures was a game I always rented when I would go to my grandmother’s house. At the time the Genesis was new to me, I had a launch SNES so when I went away for the week or weekend I would bring along the Genesis especially if I was going to my grandmothers because she would take my sister and I to the rental store and let me rent 3 or 4 games for the week because I had next to no Genesis games. I always rented this and Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, as 2 of the 4 I would rent lol. Moonwalker was always good for laughs and it drove her crazy because she would here MJ wooooing the whole entire time, But Rocket Knight Adventures was always so fun for me and I couldn’t beat it. It didn’t matter though…. I loved the game and it holds up to this day which is why when I started a Genesis collection I had to find this one first….Luckily it was cheap at the time and I believe is still pretty common.


  • Day 1

Because my job makes me rotate my late nights, this was my late night for the week. During my late night, my parents take care of Raymond and put him to bed at my home. When I got home at around 9:30 I was utterly exhausted and knew I would have to go back to work the next morning, So I went to bed and believe it or not this was one of the night the little guy didn’t wake up till the morning. He’s been teething and we are waiting for his top two teeth to cute, and it is the worst…..very irritable and sounding like he is in pain, all night long. Why does it have to be like this for my poor child, he already wasn’t the best of sleepers now he has to be in pain. It Sucks.



  • Day 2

I love me some platforming games. They are probably my favorite genre out of all video games. I’ve always been pretty good at them, well ones that are made superior like this game.When I starter her up, all the old memories of my childhood with my grandmother game flooding to me. Right in the beginning stage when you fight off the pig knights in the village just reminded me of the summers I spent there when we were in the pool all day and played video games all night. My grandmother was the absolute best and I miss her everyday since she had passed away… I’m glad I own this game now to always remind me of her…. Anyway I got pretty far on my first run of the game. I got all the way to stage 5 5. I believe there are 7 or 8 stages, Since I had been rusty I had died a bunch and used my continue. Once I got to the Mech fight between Sparkster(our hero) and Axel I got clobbered, it was really strange and clunky how the fight happened this is the only time in the game where you fight a boss like this so it was very awkward the first time. RKA is a very long game, so Once I lost my lives on the Axel fight I called it quits for the knight, It took me about 45 minutes to get to that part. So another try would just be crazy and I’d have to go to bed later then I wanted too because I had to get up at 5am the next night.




  • Day 3

This time I got to Axel flawlessly, no lost Lives no lost continue, in fact, I had about 10 lives from playing so well. The rust was finally off….then I hit the wall. I literally blew through all of my lives and continues on the SAME FIGHT! what the hell why is this part so god damn hard. The rest of the game was so well made and put together until I got to this shitty fight. I was so frustrated that I turned the game off I didn’t want to spend another 45 minutes getting to the same point to completely fail again….good lord it was Alf all over again, I wasn’t happy.


  • Day 4

Today was my day off and decided that I need to get some yard work or else my yard was gonna start looking like a jungle. Raymond will be turning 1 in 2 months so I decided I should start cleaning up the yard now so we can be ready for his first birthday party. Mowed the lawn, weed wacked the perimeter trimmed some of the bushes down. It was good to finally be able to do this stuff now that my wife was out of school for the summer. After going back and forth getting things I needed to fix up the yard I was tired and had to get ready for my shift at Game Stop. I got home at around 10 and wasn’t going to play tonight. better luck tomorrow I can’t play well when exhausted




  • Day 5

I had this fight with Axel all wrong, One of my greatest flaws about my style of playing video games is that I PLAY SUPER AGGRESSIVE. Ask anyone who has ever fought me in any smash brothers…I don’t let up and continue the onslaught of attacking. I can switch to defensive when I need to, but that’s at Smash Bros where I have a whole different mindset of how I play. That was the problem with this boss fight in RKA. I needed to play defensively and let Axel come after me. that’s how I managed to finally get through that fight, However since I never played the other boss fights after him I was in for a tough time, The Next boss was this crazy space ship that kept changing its form. I lost a lot of lives trying to figure the boss out but once I got through it, it was off to the last stage and the final 3 bosses. This time I had lost to the first of the 3 bosses in the final stage. So I decided while the irons hot why not strike it and I started the game over again and ending up plowing through the whole game and eventually beating it! the final 3 bosses were the Pig King who was relatively tough at first but manageable, Then I had to fight Axel without the mechs. This fight was insane because Axel is literally Sparkster’s Doppelganger. Then the final boss was some stupid looking space ship with a pig face in a monitor. This Final boss was soooo Easy compared to all the other hellish bosses I had to fight in this game. After it was all completed I watched the end and just thought about how after 17 years I had finally put this game to rest. It felt real good to complete it especially since the week before had been so damned horrible…Thanks Alf.



  • Conclusion /rest of the week

Raymond had been good every night up until this point. I had one more day to try to beat the sequel but I decided to save it for another post sometime and just call it a week.

Rocket Knight Adventures is a great adventure plat former.  An excellent title if you haven’t played it or never heard of it. With tight controls, a great soundtrack, and a difficulty on it that make even the best gamers cringe. I would have to say this is a much-needed title in any genesis collection. Konami hit it out of the park with this game. even though they are a former shell of themselves, it’s good to sit back a play some of their older masterpieces such as this game… it was rebooted not to long ago, but I heard the remake fell short compared to its predecessors. So if you haven’t played it, you really should trust me you won’t be disappointed






2 thoughts on “Weekending 5/28/16 Rocket Knight Adventures

  1. haha I find it ridiculous that after all these years, and how much I love Sparkster on the genesis, I still have never played RKA. I definitely need to grab this one when/if I ever see it!


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