Weekending 6/4/16 Mickey Mouse and the Castle of Illusion(Gens)/Ghostbusters (SMS)

  • Introduction:

Today I took on some requests, Since I was feeling I needed a little bit of a break from the kiddo and his sleep regression I decided to take it a bit easy and do 2 games I haven’t played in a while and knew the goal had been in my reach, So I decided to do Mickey Mouse and the Castle of Illusion on the Sega Genesis and I’ve decided to do Ghostbusters on the Sega Master System. These games are an Ode to my cousins and my family since these two games were a significant piece of my childhood.


  • Day 1

Tonight I decided to do Mickey Mouse on a request of my little sister. This game was important to us because yet again our cousin Jeff owned this game and I didn’t have a genesis at the time. Funny story I always remember about this game is Jeff’s older brother Kenny was about to beat this game on it’s hardest difficulty and Jeff wasn’t having it so right when Kenny got to the final boss, Jeff pulled the power plug on him claiming that it was his game and he will be the first to beat it on it’s hardest difficulty. Kenny got pissed off and took Jeff’s genesis controllers and hid them refusing to tell him where they were located until he paid him the money he owed him. We spent the whole week looking for those controllers, eventually I think Jeff caved gave him the money and the last day my sister and I were down we got to play the genesis again. Lol good times.


Anyway I went right to it knowing I can beat it. In the middle of the game I want to say around the 3rd level Little guy had woken up screaming he took about a half an hour to put back down but once he had been put down it was lights out he had slept for the rest of the night, with that though I wasn’t taken any chances I skipped trying to get everything or a high score, I just went into speed running mode. I ended up getting through game super quick which sucks. I enjoy playing through this game at a slow pace because I enjoy the music, and looking at all the different sprites and sucking in the dark atmosphere for a Mickey Mouse game. This is my all time favorite Disney game and it always will be, This is a game worthy of having in your collection.


  • Day 2

Tonight was my late night, and the next day I had to get up at 5 am, Ugh. Definitely wasn’t going to even try gaming today I was exhausted and I know I would be exhausted once I got home. So I decided I would do Ghostbuster for the Sega Master system the next day.



  • Day 3

Another requested game by one of my good friends, which happens to link in with my cousin Jeff. When I was about 5 years old I used to think Jeff was the coolest ever. He had a Sega Master system and His older brother had the NES, That’s when I first got my taste of video games that I can remember. My Mom and Dad asked them both which system they should get for me knowing it was something that I would want later. They both debated which one was better but ultimately I wanted to be like Jeff and I wanted the Sega. On My sixth birthday that was my present, The Sega Master system. I was so happy, I got the edition that came with the 3-d goggles and zapper. I was set. That Christmas I got Ghostbusters. Ghostbusters was hot when I was a kid I had everything from Ghostbuster sheets on my bed to my very own proton pack and trap. Now I had the game but only problem was…I couldn’t figure it out whatsoever. I was only 6. Every year though My cousins would come down for the holiday and thats when I would learn how to play these complicated games, Jeff was a brain and he was pretty good at figuring out how to play all the games I couldn’t figure out. At 6 though I couldn’t figure out anything on my own, and My parents were not gamers at all. They actually said to me that morning when I told them I can’t figure out how to play to wait for your cousins they will be over in the afternoon.



Anyways Once I put Raymond down for the night I went to it. This game is a challenging if you don’t what you are doing and is quite cryptic luckily like Alf I knew everything about this game from watching Jeff play it only I came out with a different outcome. This night it took me three times to finally beat it but I did it all in one night, the first two times I got to “GORZA” and was killed, which is the final boss. Luckily there is a password that gives you all the money you lost with to start over, helping you greatly. Just buy the best car and items  and you never have to go into the shop or the headquarters ever again. So the whole game you just keep catching ghosts until it’s time. The game runs on a time limit once it’s up you go through the staircase up to the top floor to fight the final boss, Depending how well you did in the time limit AKA don’t let Stay Puft Crush more then 2 buildings.

Just to clean the air. The AVGN in his video on this game said you can only shoot one direction in the staircase level which is diagonal up. This is False, You can shoot straight in front of you as well. I don’t know if he just has a bad copy or if he just made it up or whatever. This was one game he reviewed that I absolutely love.


Just for anyone who wants to play this game and start with a boatload of cash and be able to buy the best everything Just put in initials:


and the password:


That will give you enough money for everything! This is from my personal playing obviously from the initials, Enjoy I just gave you over 50,000 bucks to play with.

  • Conclusion/Rest of the week 

With the Lack of sleep and finishing 2 games this week I decided for the rest of the week I would just fart around with some other games I have lying around so I can get a feel for what I would want to do next week. Also on Day four we took my son to the Garden state museum in  cherry hill NJ. It was a fun experience for him as he’s literally aloud to touch anything in there. He had a great time. SO I just took it easy the rest of the week and tried to just have fun with a bunch of game I have lying around, I already picked out the next game but however if you have any suggestions you would like to see comment in the comment section, If I own it I may do it!









2 thoughts on “Weekending 6/4/16 Mickey Mouse and the Castle of Illusion(Gens)/Ghostbusters (SMS)

  1. I love reading your blog just brings back memories… i always loved watching you play when i was little… another favorite of mine was alex the kid not sure which one i think the 2nd one was my favorite when he was in like a hotel or something like that… i want to play some games one night when you can.. anyway congrats on the blog enjoy it very much


  2. yes! Castle of Illusion! absolutely love that game…though I don’t think I’ve played it since it was originally released haha


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