Weekending 6/18/16: Pulseman


  • Introduction

What in the heck is Pulseman?!?!?!  This time I decided to do something a little different and do Pulseman. I picked this game up at Too Many Games expo last year in a little Repro corner. Pulseman is a Japan only game that was made by Game Freak, the same creators of Pokemon. The only form of release this game got in the 90’s was if you had Sega Channel…. Which nobody had ever. Got to hand it to Sega with all their zany ideas that never panned out….Kind of the same thing Nintendo is going through right now but, hopefully won’t have the same outcome… However if you really want to try this game now I believe its out on the Wii virtual console. So let’s get to it.




  • Day 1

As I do with most 1st days I played the game to feel it out. This was really the first time I had ever played this game since is was a Japan exclusive. The game kind of plays a little bit like Megaman where you get to pick the stages you want to do in whatever order and then fight a boss at the end. Unlike Megaman once you are finished with the level you don’t get any special upgrades or anything that makes the game play different. This is my only gripe with this game, repetitive nothing ever changed once you mastered how to control Pulse man that was the only set of moves you had for the whole game, it made the game less interesting.  The graphics reminded me of Sonic the hedgehog only you can’t jump on your enemies you had an attack button where you punched enemies with static shock. If you ran for a  small amount of time you would static charge yourself where you could either A shoot a static bolt, or B do a Volt tackle kind of like Pikachu in Smash brothers, Bouncing off the walls would continue to make you go longer with the tackle kind of like solving certain puzzles in stages. This night I got through the first 3 levels and called it a night. Raymond had still been having trouble with his sleep habits, I don’t know if he’s regressing or if his teeth are just bothering him.


  • Day 2

I had to get up at 4 am the next morning so I just went to bed early after I put the little guy to sleep I had felt that it would have been a long night considering his sleep habits lately but he slept the whole night this time.


  • Day 3

Tonight I had gotten to the same point, On the 4th stage I kept getting killed by the 4th stage boss. He wasn’t very hard I just kept rushing to try to beat him quickly, Something I didn’t really mention….This is a Looooooooong Game. Very long. I was exhausted from getting up so early so I didn’t try again because I knew how much time it would have taken for me to even get to that point again. Oh yeah and Level 4? That level Sucks ass. If Pulseman touches water he loses his charge and can’t access any of his oh so many 3 powers he has. So it becomes a bit annoying especially since that all that water does and that includes background waterfalls…..So dumb. Also the boss had nothing to do with water or was underwater or anything else like that. I wasn’t going through that crap again tonight.


  • Day 4

After work the wife Gathered up enough courage to get herself her first tattoo. I went with her and I had my childhood friend Arnie, who had become a tattoo artist do it for her. His shop is up north so it’s quite the drive. It was a pretty long day so I didn’t play the game today and decided to take another crack at it tomorrow.



  • Day 5

Tonight I got to the last stage, and I was losing interest in this game to the point I didn’t even want to play it anymore. I know a lot of people love this game but the truth is I found it incredibly boring. So boring in fact not only did I not finish it but I didn’t even bother playing it the next day and just put it into the backlog early.  When I got to the final stage it was already 11:30 at night and That’s way past my bed time. I just wanted it to be over. The game was way to long and just didn’t spice of the game play it was the same crap over and over and over again. It made me kind of wish it was Megaman. At least I knew what I was in for. After I died on the incredibly cheap last stage I didn’t even continue I just turned it off. I found out the Final Stage takes a half an hour to go through. Really?!!? it’s that long? Forget that… No passwords or save features killed it I had to keep starting from the beginning every time and I just didn’t want to do it anymore because of how long it took and how boring it was…


  • Conclusion

I don’t want to say that this is a bad game because it isn’t. It can be quite enjoyable. In fact a lot of people love it which is the main reason I made it part of my collection. However, I found it so boring that I just couldn’t bring myself to play it again. Maybe another time I’ll try another crack at it when Raymond is older and I have a bunch more time. Otherwise I’m putting it off

Ray’s Rating: Zzzzzzz…..






2 thoughts on “Weekending 6/18/16: Pulseman

  1. haha “ZZzzzzzzzzz….”. that’s a shame though, it had the looks of a great game. was the music at least enjoyable?

    you should try out Crusader of Centy sometime, I’ve heard some good things about it; the Genesis’ answer to A Link To The Past.


    1. The music was good at first then I realised it repeated songs from other stages boo. Its not terrible Jon just not my cup of tea. If it had passwords it would have been better for a platformer its waaaaay to long and drawn out. And i wasnt even bothering trying to get everything i just wanted to get through. Its isnt awful better then a lot of crap I’ve played but just doesnt hold up to other awesome games


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