Weekending 6/25 Super-Punch out!!! and Too many games 2016


  • Introduction:

I love this game! One of my favorite SNES titles of all time. If you haven’t played this game you don’t know what you’re missing, I know everyone is a fan of Mike Tyson’s Punch out but, back in the day this was the boxing game I played. One of my friends from little league had it and I remember borrowing it and not being able to get past Piston Hurricane, That’s only the 3rd fighter. After a Few  more borrows and watching my younger cousin Tom completely tear this game apart when we were really young, I was able to dispatch Piston Hurricane with ease. I’ll never forget when I destroyed him in under 9 seconds. The friend who used to lend it to me could not believe it because he as well couldn’t get passed him and it was forever written in his game that I had the record. The new nemesis was the Mad clown I couldn’t get passed him after that but that was much further in the game he’s the 11th opponent out of a possible 16 fighters. So at the very least I was close to the final fighter, which is Nick Bruiser.


  • Day 1

Alright so I’m not going to lie, On this day…I didn’t even pick the game I was going to play for the weekend, I didn’t trust Raymond’s sleep habits very well so I wanted to play something quick especially after the marathon known as pulse man…yeeeesh. So the game wasn’t set in stone yet and I was thinking about Too Many Games Expo which I was going to on Saturday so I knew I needed to :

  1. Pick a Quick game
  2. Pick a Game that I knew I could try to beat before Saturday

So I was still kind of lost and I decided I’d sleep on it and try to come up with something tomorrow or just skip the week (which I hate doing) and just blog about my experience at Too Many Games.



  • Day 2

While I was at work I kept thinking back to what games I could play to try to get through the week, especially if I start on day 2. Then on the radio the song “No easy way out” came on which reminded me of Rocky IV when he fought the Russian.  They played this 80’s as hell song during one of the many montages in that movie, should have been just called montage the movie.  So it hit me. Rocky IV?? Over the top Boxing?? I should do Super Punch out! That night I began the way this game works is there are 3 circuits in the beginning , each with 4 fighters. If you go undefeated in all 3 circuits you get the 4th special circuit which is where the hardest fighters are (except Narcis Prince….I’ll get to him…*Spoiler*) Now you don’t have to do it all in one shot, and if you lose a match you can go back and fight the same 4 fighters again to go undefeated, basically you just need to fight the 4 fighters in a row without losing once you start the circuit so if you screw up, you can start it again after you are done.


So I knew I could get through the first two circuits no problem however I ran into a minor hiccup. I was a bit rusty and got lit up by Bald Bull the first time I fought him, He’s not really hard my timing was off and I was trying to hit him during his bull rush attack. If you time it right it knocks him out instantly so I was trying to rush through and missed so if you miss….You get knocked down. So I just said forget it I will do it again tomorrow and I went on to the second circuit which I was able to go undefeated no problem, So that was one circuit down and I had to do the first one over again so I just kept going and decided that I would go for broke on the 3rd circuit just so I had an easy time tomorrow redoing the first one. I was able to beat my childhood nemesis no problem which was the Mad Clown. He seemed so much harder when I was little but I was able to focus on him and punish everything he did with counter punches. He was rather easy so once I got through him I was undefeated just had to beat Super Macho Man….Which I didn’t cause he sucks. I frigging hate this damned fighter he’s a pompous jerk who has these one hit kill punches that are very hard to predict. They are these annoying haymaker punches he throws and the only thing you can do is duck the only problem is sometimes he just keeps spinning either throwing one or two or even three so you don’t know which one he’s going to do there is no specific pattern and it sucks. Screw this asshole. So I didn’t go undefeated in 2 circuits

God damned Jerk Face

  • Day 3

Alright SO SCREW SUPER MACHO MAN!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not Stand this fighter!!! I got through the first circuit no problem calmed down and was able to go undefeated but now I had to take down this asshole. I eventually did beat him however I lost 4 times in a row I was trying to figure out his patterns but I just couldn’t do it, ugh it was absolutely terrible. I tried doing this many times tonight and it just wasn’t happening so I decided that I was going to bed before little guy wakes up but he didn’t….In fact I think his regression period has ended because he’s been a better sleeper all week. This helps me out by giving me more time to try to complete some of these games. Hopefully it stays that way

The pansy himself Narcis Prince

  • Day 4 

Tonight was my late night at my job but when I got home I decided to give it a go because the clock was ticking and I was running out of time to have this game finished by Saturday. Tonight my wife was home and I explained the game to her and what I was going through with Super I’m a Stupid Moron with an Ugly Face and a Hideous looking pony Tail or….Macho man. She kind of just was like alright, and kind of ignored my angry tirade about him and just sat in my man cave and played on her phone. This turned out to be my lucky charm for as she was sitting there, I whooped the shit out of him undefeated! got him unlocked the last circuit. She left the room to go to bed and I started the final circuit. First up….Pansy boy aka Narcis Prince. The trick to beaten this guy is he won’t let you hit him in the face, however if you manage to stun him with a body blow then hit his face when he’s stunned he throws a Tantrum and let’s himself open for tons of free hit in bitter rage. So you keep belting him in the face over and over and eventually he goes down, he’s really easy way easier than the last opponent. (thank god) After him you fight this old Chinese dude with a cane. Hoy Quarlow. He fights you with the cane and is very hard at first. I wasn’t able to beat him but being in unknown territory I just kept fighting him trying to learn his fight pattern which is what this fight was about. He seemed to have the same pattern every time, So I once I memorized it he was easy. But I didn’t do it this night it got late and I knew I would try it again on the last and final night I could do it.

The Champ: Nick Bruiser

  • Day 5

This was the final night. It was do it or back to the backlog again, which I haven’t completed a game in 2 weeks…ugh. Once I was able to dispatch Hoy, Then came Rick Bruiser who is the Champ’s Brother. The almost look identical and the hardest thing about these two is sometimes if they catch a punch you throw they can stun that arm so you can’t use it for a couple of seconds, it’s really annoying so you have to be careful and watch where their gloves are guarding, or you’ll have to deal with this annoyance, they both have a one hit knock out move but I found out that Nick’s is way easier to dodge than Rick’s, Again when fighting Rick it was all about patterns and counter punches this took some time for me to learn but it didn’t take the whole night like the last opponents. So after 2 rounds of losing I didn’t give up and tried again and finally it was time to face the champ. After about 8 attempts I was able to beat Nick Bruiser, it was another “learn the patterns.” He was easy the last time I fought him it’s about dodges and counter punches. It took a bit longer then his brother because he does waaaaay more damage then Rick. The first 5 times he messed me up pretty bad, but then I started a rhythm and I was able to start chipping away with new strategies  as I moved along. Eventually I had done it and he was defeated making me the new champ. Game completed!!!


  • Day 6 /Too Many Games/ Conclusion

Super Punch out was as fun as I remember it, I’m glad I was able to put this game to rest. It was very challenging and to this day it’s my favorite of the series. I’m glad I snagged this one for my library about 3 years ago because it has gone up in value but it’s still affordable if you want to pick up the original cartridge. In fact at Too many games I found tons of them for around 30 dollars, but I had paid 20 3 years ago so like most SNES games the value is increase drastically, I used to love collecting SNES but nowadays I find myself collecting more NES titles because I find that a lot of good ones are still really cheap.


Speaking of Too Many Games I had a lot of fun, I ran into the Man, the Myth, the Legend….Keith Apicary. He was great one of the best people I met at the convention. if you ever are interested in seeing any of his you tube humor, Just search Talking Classics and most of his videos pop up right away.

Also I had a decent hall this year, I finally decided to pull the trigger and buy a Turbo graphics 16 everdrive. As a collector I kept convincing myself to just keep collecting the original hardware but the tg-16 stuff is so rare and expensive I found this to be a cheaper effective option. I bought one from the Stoneage Gamer booth where you can go to their site at www.stoneagegamer.com. They have all kinds of revolutionary retro gaming stuff so check them out. At the convention they revealed a Gameboy Advance everdrive. and a HDMI ready Dreamcast. They didn’t have the prototype there for that one because they were still working on it however I trust they will have it out later this year. On that note I will be doing future TG-16 blog entries now that I have every TG-16 game and PC-engine. Still trying to figure out this weeks game, but I want to do another short one because I got a lot more stuff to organize and put away I still bought a bunch of games while I was there the collection is getting massive, gonna need a bigger man cave to store all this crap in!




One thought on “Weekending 6/25 Super-Punch out!!! and Too many games 2016

  1. good choice! I’ve never spent too much time with Super Punch Out…mostly because when I had my first opportunity to play it, I wasn’t really interested in anything else but RPG’s haha. I did enjoy it well enough though, so maybe some day 🙂

    you’ll have to send me an updated version of your game collection list! I’ll do the same. I haven’t gotten that many more in the past few months, but it’s still slowly comin’ along.


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