Weekending 7/9: Keith Courage in Alpha Zones TG-16


  • Introduction

Due to a request I got early last week I decided to play Keith Courage in the Alpha Zones. This game is a Turbo Grafx 16 game. Funny thing is everyone I asked besides close friends and huge retro collectors had no idea what this system was or that it even existed so a little back story. Nintendo and Sega were the heavy weights in the 8 bit and 16 bit wars but a lot of people don’t realize that another company Hudson soft would make a console during the SNES and Genesis era. A 16 bit console called the Turbo Grafx 16 or PC-engine everywhere else. The system uses Hue cards instead of cartridges, The Sega master system also used these cards but they also had cartridges. There aren’t many hue card games for the master system though. I have a few but not many and they were never huge games.


Only one person I knew had this console and it was my younger cousin Tom, I remember he had this game and the only thing I could ever remember about it is that you rode a rainbow at the end of each level. Probably not the best memory from a game but I just knew it was a side scroller platformer and I was probably going to like it. Anyway this is the game that came pre packaged at first with the TG-16 however they switched it over to Bonk, the caveman that smashes things with his head. This game was more known to a lot of people because it always appeared on Nick arcade and was also ported to the other rival systems once the TG-16 was dead. Well let’s get to it.


Keith Courage over world
  • Day 1

I started playing on Monday which is  unusual for me but Raymond had slept good the night before and I was banking he would sleep well tonight as well, This is the first time I had ever even touched this game besides when I got my TG-16, I tested this game out to test it and make sure it worked. From playing this night the pattern was each stage you would start in the Over world of whatever stage you were in as Keith. Once you got across the level you would ride the Rainbow to the Under world which you wore an “Alpha” suit which was pretty much the real game, the enemies were harder, there were more of them and you moved more agile. The controls seemed very wonky when I first played I had gotten up to the Toxic level before I called it quits for the night, and I quit because I couldn’t make a jump properly and get getting killed by spikes. You only get one life but unlimited continues…..the problem is I didn’t realize if you press Run(start on any other controller) and select at the same time it resets the whole game starting you all the way at the beginning so because I had done that I wasn’t going to start over again. So I had packed it away and went to bed


Riding the Rainbow to the Under world
  • Day 2

Kiddo had slept terrible the night before and considering tonight was my late night, I was not going to play tonight, On top of I had to get up earlier then usual the next day. So this day was a bust.

  • Day 3

With events of the night before, I was way to tired and not feeling playing any games this night. I just wanted to go to bed after I had put Raymond to sleep I was so tired I couldn’t keep my eyes open, maybe it was my allergies but I just couldn’t make myself motivated to play tonight.


  • Day 4

My son was turning 1 in a week so this was my normal day off and the wife and I decided that we were going to have Raymond get his pictures taken, We set up a bunch of different Mario bros sets for him, at this typing we haven’t seen the pictures yet, otherwise I would have posted one with this post. After the pictures it was the kid and I for the rest of the day because my wife had to go to work to do her normal night shift. It was alright though I had worn the kid out for the day by taking him around town and skipping his 2nd nap for the day, we’ve been trying to do this more often so he sleeps better through the night. After he went to bed I went to start playing the game.


Fighting doofy looking gun enemy

So I began to play, and it led to the same results. I got to the toxic level again, and I couldn’t get passed the boss at the end of the level, he was a typical pattern boss but the problem is once you die you have to start the under world level all over and this one was a long one, so I taxed on me and eventually I gave up on it but I did make progress and I began to learn his pattern. The only problem is this would be the last time I would play the game for the week….Between planning my Son’s birthday and feeling drained and tired from Raymond horrid sleep patterns this week I didn’t want to game at all. The next day my wife had off and I decided instead of playing tonight I would just spend time with her. On Day 6 Raymond went to bed late he just didn’t want to go to sleep and on top of waking up early the next day, my eyes got really irritated and I couldn’t keep them open and staring at a bright screen wasn’t helping so I went to bed early and Raymond woke up at 4am anyway and it just was a disaster.

  • Conclusion

I’m not going to judge this game just yet. In fact I want to take another crack at it at another time, This week was just very bad in fact I feel that I’ve just wrote the worst post yet, but that’s just how it works. Hopefully next time I can give this game a fair shot, which eventually I will revisit games I wasn’t able to beat with in a week (I’m looking at you StarFox!!!) So hopefully I’ll be able to have a better post for you next week but it might be hard. We still have heavy duty birthday planning to take care of so I don’t know what’s going to happen next week, But I’ll make sure I’ll write all about it!








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