Weekending 7/16/16: Sonic 3 and Knuckles


  • Introduction:

Well look at this, Sonic 3 with Sonic and knuckles attached to it. Does this count as one game? or 2 games? Well I’m going to check it off the list as 2 games but like so people don’t know or refuse to believe when you attach Sonic 3 to Sonic and Knuckles is the original full game of Sonic 3. So what you are getting is the final 8 stages that were too big to put on one cartridge. Yeah that’s right! In my opinion this is the only way to really fully enjoy this game is to play it like this. It’s a full game but unlike Pulseman there is a save feature so I can take well deserved breaks. This game good very well be the best platformer on the Genesis, It definatly is the Best Sonic game hands down. So let’s get started.


First Stage in Sonic 3
  • Day 1

I’ve played Sonic 3 before, so I knew that my goal for today was to just fly through the 6 stages and then try to go for the 7 Chaos emeralds to be Super Sonic. Usually I try to just beat the game itself then go back for the emeralds. I always found that finding the big rings and going through the mini puzzle was really hard for me as a kid, So what I try to do is get whatever big ring I can and try my luck at getting as many chaos emeralds I can. The only problem is with SnK attached to the game I have no choice but to beat the whole entire game. So put Raymond to bed and got to it, However I did really well, Maybe it was because I felt bad about last weeks post or maybe it was just because I knew what I was in store for. I had gotten to Stage 3 and already had all 7 Chaos emeralds! I’ve never done that well before in a Sonic game let alone was able to use Super Sonic that early so because of this I was rewarded well and was able to crush my through stage 4 and stage 5 no problem. by the time I had gotten to Stage 6 Raymond had awoken and was crying so, I just turned the game off knowing I made great progress and would try again in 2 days since tomorrow was going to be my late night again.

Super Saiyan oops I mean Super Sonic
  • Day2

I got home from work late however I was itching to play so I turned it on in hopes Raymond wasn’t going to wake up, My parents had told me that they wore him out. So I gave it a go but I hit a snag. While I was playing I turned into Super Sonic and was going a little too fast that I clipped through a wall and got stuck. Must have been a glitch by the wonderful blast processing. This kind of ruined my mood and I decided that it was time for me to go to bed. Raymond had woken up right after I turned off the console, Like he magically knew or something but it was ok, I got him back down pretty quick and was able to go to bed. On to the next day.

The Super emeralds
  • Day 3

Alright so this was the night I was finally able to finish the last stage and get to the SnK portion of the game. This also meant good bye Super Sonic….Booo… What happens here is if you get a big ring during this part, the Chaos emeralds lose their power once the interact with the Super emeralds (at least thats what it looks like I don’t know…use your imagination it’s only 16 bits of gaming bliss) So then you have to get the Super emeralds to unlock Hyper Sonic which is a way better insane version on Super Sonic. He is almost the same but faster and can double jump which creates a flash and kills all enemies on the screen. Makes the game crazy unfair. But he’s the deal I could not get through the game with getting all 7 super emeralds. So I have to do it the old school skill way and just do it with regular old Sonic the hedgehog and Tails.( Which by the way I totally understand you now Johnathan why you turn him off, god Tails is annoying and just screws everything up.He got me killed Multiple times for stupid crap.) So I went through the game up until the 12th stage then I was burnt out for the night and turned the game off. What I didn’t realize is that I was almost at the end and in that stage there are no big rings so there is no point looking for them I had passed my time to get Hyper Sonic. The usual with raymond woke up once, got him down done for the night.

Special Stage to get dumb emeralds
  • Day 4

I had no choice I was on the last stage and had to finish if I wanted to get the Final Super emeralds and then go back and beat it again to have it completed. I took me a couple tries and of course Tails got me killed a few times to fight the final boss. Once you beat him the game immediately turns you into Super Sonic and you do a sort of shoot em up style chase scene where you have to collect rings to keep being super sonic and fight the final boss by just running into him and avoiding things that will knock you back. I found this quite easy and was able to do it on the first try. Once you take down the final boss it shows the ending cut scene and boom game is finished!!! (Now the game is finished but I still wanted all the emeralds to get Hyper Sonic.)

  • Day 5

Not much to do this day just had to get the rest of the emeralds. So that is what I did…Only issue is that the little guy was waking up every hour. I managed to finally get what I needed and became hyper sonic but….I couldn’t enjoy it very long, my son needed me, So after I finished up I turned off the Genesis and tried to put him down to sleep. It didn’t matter though for I was finished and I can pay full attention to everything that was going on including preparing for my Son’s 1st birthday party. My wife deserves all the credit she did a fantastic job in decorating the house with a nice Mickey/Mario theme, she was very creative and I give her a lot of credit she put a lot of work into his party and everything was fantastic.

Little guy making grumpy face enjoying his cake
  • Conclusion

That Sunday was Raymond party. It was fantastic and a great way to end the week….errr start the week… We had a great time and Raymond warmed up the room with his funny faces and adorable smile. I love my Son more then anything and I hope one day he looks back at all this and realizes that he was my inspiration to start writing this blog. He’s what keeps me going everyday and he’s the reason I get up in the morning, Literally and figuratively lol… As for the game, I highly recommend it. Do not digital download it because I don’t think they ever put them together digitally . Get the physical copies of both carts…trust me you won’t be sorry!






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