Weekending 7/23/16: Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (Sega Genesis)

Who’s Bad?
  • Introduction:

Before you read any further Let’s begin with a little story. My friend Charlie came over one day to drink and play some retro video games. We were a little drunk and I took this game out and handed it to him and he began to laugh….until I opened up the case and took  out the cartridge and put it into the Sega Genesis. The laughter stopped….Charlie then proceeded to ask me…”Wait is this real?” Then I turned on the console and his immediate response was “Oh my God, THIS IS F***KING REAL?!?!!”  That’s right boys and girls, This game is real. There is a Michael Jackson game that was made in early 90’s and it is freaking real.

This isn’t a joke this is in-game footage…Stop Laughing

The only reason I know this game exists is well….I was born in 1982 and in the 80’s…..Michael Jackson was a big deal. Every time he came out with a hit song or a music video everyone knew about it. His music was great and his dance moves were unbelievable. My good ol’ cousin Jeff yet again had the Sega genesis and he had this game. it came out in 1990 and he came up from Virginia to visit with his family and he had it. So of course I played it while he was down, but when I was younger I thought it was the greatest thing ever. He also had other games like Kid Chameleon, Altered Beast, and Golden Axe but I always wanted to play this one because it was simple and the controls were easy and it had the music and in my opinion it was a great game.  Fast forward to High school, I remember being at my friend Roger’s house and this is when Napster was still free, and we had just heard about emulators and all that other kind of stuff. So while we were downloading emulators and roms of all our favorite NES and SNES games, I said to him. “Were you ever big into the Sega Genesis?” He replied with No not really and I was talking to him about some of the games and then I remembered about Moonwalker. By this time Michael Jackson had become a huge joke. His career and life were spiraling out of control and he was out of the limelight and with allegations of molesting children, and other strange rumors and stories that involved him he was seen as a freak to the public. He stayed out of the spotlight for a very long time and anytime he was mentioned it was a big joke. When I told Roger about Moonwalker he looked at me like I had 3 heads. There was no way this game existed but I swore up and down that it did and while I explained to him what you did in the game when you played it, He just didn’t believe me further. We searched all over the internet back then, however it was still new to everyone and not like it is now. It was almost impossible to find this rom. It was like nobody had it, and who would at this time most people didn’t even believe this game was real! It took a couple of days and we found it. So Roger became a believer real fast to the fact he put it on a laptop and played in while he was on a road trip with some of his other friends. Enough with the history lesson let’s roll with this masterpiece of fine programming.


  • Day 1,2,and 3

I’m going to be honest and I really didn’t feel like doing a game this week, I was just going to take the week off and kind of relax and tinker in my man cave for a bit. Raymond is teething hardcore and he just isn’t sleeping well as of late, he’s been getting up at around 3am every night and being hard to put back down. but he’s been sleeping good up until 3. I also didn’t have a game picked out, I have a great one that was requested but the thing about that game is that I never played it and I don’t know how well I would do or even be able to talk about it much. I wanted make sure I had something I could write a lot about if I was going to do a game this week but since 3 days had passed I needed to do something I was already familiar with. As I was sitting in my chair just checking my mail and paying some bills, I looked over at my gaming cabinet and there it was staring at me right in the face. Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker in all of its glory. In my opinion when I started collecting back in 2013 I needed this game and it was one of the first genesis games I collected. Around the time I got it cheap but I think the price went up since so I really don’t know how much it would be if you were to find it in the wild. I decided that eventually I was going to do this game and I decided that now was the time.


First stage Smooth Criminal Owwwww!!
  • Day 4

I started playing tonight, now when I was a kid I could only get to the 3rd stage because the zombie were too hard for me….that’s right…the zombies. I honestly don’t know where to even start with this game to tell you the truth there is just so much to talk about and it’s so bizarre. There is literally not another game on this earth that is near close to this magical game.


The start of each level…not kidding.

Once you start-up the game it shows a little animation of a flying car flying through the night…then the car turns into Michael Jackson….Not kidding. Then it shows the inside of a bar, the door opens MJ spins through it and flips a coin into the jukebox, then all of a sudden the lights turn on and Smooth Criminal starts playing. The game has begun. There are a bunch of attacks you can do which all relate to MJ’s arsenal of dancing goodness. if you just press B he attacks enemies with his dance kick move he does and magic dust flies out his shoes and attacks enemies, if you press up and attack he throws his arm in the air like he does at the end of his performance if an enemy is close to you and you press attack he does that short little crazy kick he does in real life, and that’s pretty much the standard of all his attacks he has a crouching attack and a jump attack which symbolize a lot of his dance maneuvers but the most important thing to know is that if you hold B he moonwalks. Actually it’s not important it’s just cool to do sometimes. Now comes the A button oh boy is this one a crazy one. So on the bottom of the screen there is an energy meter. This is your Health and Magic..You share it with both aspects. You get hit by enemies the meter goes down, you press A the meter goes down, so you have to ration how much you use A or the “Magic” button. If you press A you do MJ’s Spin move he does, if you hold it down for a little bit you continue to spin and when you let it go you throw the fedora and it kills enemies as it hits them. Now for the killer. If you hold down the A button and your magic is still pretty full if you keep it held down long enough eventually MJ stops spinning, throws his hand in the air shouts a lot Whoooooooooo! and all the enemies on the screen line up next to him, and them he makes them all dance the way he’s dancing for about `10 seconds and when it’s down he shouts Owwwwww!, and they all die, I kid you not this really happens. It’s downright hilarious. I can’t believe this is a real game to this day it blows my mind. Now What happens when your meter is in the red and you press A? Do you really want to know?……He grabs his crotch. Not making this up….Wish I was….but I’m not. Why did they put that in the game? It doesn’t do anything but make me laugh hysterically. The C button jumps….Not nearly as exciting. So now that I explained the controls. Time to explain the object of this awesome game.


Dance to the death Owwwwwww!

Now the object of this game gets into that weird territory. Post MJ scandal this game makes him look really really bad. The object of each stage is to save little girls that are hidden throughout the stage by looking in doors, boxes, bushes, behind tombstones. Looks really bad, but once you save all the girls in the stage…..*sigh*….His monkey bubbles rides a comet to MJ and jumps on his shoulder, immediately you hear Michael say “Who’s bad?” and bubbles points to where you have to go to encounter then end segment of the level. I wouldn’t consider this a boss fight because you don’t fight one boss you fight a bunch of dudes usually and I usually save up my meter and just make them all dance to death to end the level.  This night I managed to get passed what I normally used to get to when I was a child, I figured out how to beat the zombies, so Now I’ll just list each stage and what MJ song it plays.

Stage 1 Club 30 (Smooth Criminal)

Stage 2 Outside of Club 30 (Beat it)

Stage 3 The woods/Zombies (Another part of me) I don’t understand this one I would assume it’d be thriller but I guess not.

Stage 4 Cavern (Billie Jean)

That’s as far as I got on day 4 I couldn’t find the last little girl in part Stage 4-3. So I just gave it a rest and went to bed.

Mecha Jackson King of Robopop -AVGN
  • Day 5

I played again for the second night because I was pretty close I know the game only has 6 stages. I forgot to mention that in Stage 2-3 if you go all the way up the car garage sometimes a comet comes down and if you so happen to touch it MJ turns into a Huge robot that fires laser and shoot missiles. I’m not making this up. it really happens. So ridiculous. So I managed to have that happen to me tonight. It’s pretty rad. So enough with that I got to the final cavern level and managed to find the final girl I couldn’t find, she was hiding under a waterfall. The only waterfall in the game, I was so stupid….why didn’t I think to even try to press up on it. Once I managed that I fought the last guys a.k.a west-side storied them. Then I was off to stage 5 which was called enemy hideout and the song it played was bad. Now I was in unknown territory and this Stage Sucked…A lot! Holy crap! The difficulty spike on this was absurd! The rest of the game was a cake walk compared to this. There was no way I would be able to beat this stage! It was impossible… I tried my best and ended up failing miserably. Also I found out in this game that there are no extra lives at all. I never got one and my Score was so high, I don’t understand almost every game throws you extra lives for high scores this one doesn’t! You get 2 continues and 2 lives and that’s it game over. after I burnt all my lives and continues I quit for the night I was burnt out so I went to bed and I know I had to try again I had to I HAD TO BEAT THIS GAME!

All stages and some sick MJ sprites(including crotch grab)
  • Day 6

This was it this was my last attempt a this and I knew I had to do it I couldn’t resist…How was this Bodacious manly game going to truly end? Well let’s say I got passed the 5th stage and well in the 6th stage…Michael Jackson turns into a spaceship…..He turns into a Space ship…..a spaceship….Honestly didn’t see it coming……and honestly….Not disappointed. The final stage of the game is like a flight simulator, If you ever played Top Gun on the nes it looks like a 16bit version of that…..In Space….and the final boss is Joe Pesci…..Joe Pesci….that’s right Joe Pesci….You see the only reason I know this is because Moonwalker is a short film based off a bunch of MJ’s music videos off the bad album and Joe Pesci was in it and he played Mr.Big….who is the final boss….Joe Pesci.


Yes this is the same game… Look at Joe Pesci’s profile

Well, this portion of the game was bizarre to say the least and it was hard and moved super fast but I ended up beating the game and watching the end and well…..what can I say….I’m just going to throw up a picture of the end credits and let you decide




  • Conclusion

Wow, I’m at a loss for words. This game is nothing more than spectacular. I really have no other way to describe it but, you really have to play it for yourself. People who have played it…oh they know how incredible it is.  It’s defiantly a unique game there is nothing else like it and I honestly don’t know what the programmers thought when they designed it but in the long run I’m glad it exists because let’s be honest…They just don’t make games like this one anymore. Pretty much the main reason I started retro collecting. I was tired of playing Call of duty 3765 and shooting people in the face…..it got stale the market is saturated with 1st person shooters it’s not even funny. So all I can say is, Everyone needs to try this gem at least once in their life. Bring it to the PSN and XBOX live network! Boo ya







2 thoughts on “Weekending 7/23/16: Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (Sega Genesis)

  1. Remember kenny stole jefferys controlers so u giys couldnt play this game… how pissed u guys were lolol

    Best blog so far.. prob laughing the whole time u wrote it


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