Weekending 8/6/16 The Haunting (Genesis)


  • Introduction:

When I first heard of this game was when I was in my late teens, Roger had told me about it when I had figured out how to work emulators and download roms. All I remember was him telling me you get to haunt a toilet and a poop monster comes out and throws poop all over the place. Well he was right, so when I started collecting in the beginning I had to pick this one up for nostalgia factor. Only problem is Raymond hasn’t been sleeping well and I’m going to come forward and tell you now, I only played this game for 2 days, so I didn’t give it a fair enough chance. However I did find it incredibly boring, for those of you who are fans of it I will say this. There might have been something I was doing wrong in the game but I don’t think it was a bad game….So Read on!



  • Day 1

For a straight week Raymond hasn’t slept well any of the days I spent most of my night trying to get him to sleep but something was truly bothering him. Tonight I was able to put him down and sneak away to play this game. The object of this game is you are Polterguy , a greaser type punk kid who was accidentally killed while skateboarding on a horribly made skateboard. The family that you are haunting is the owner of the company. You have to scare all four family members out of the house. It’s quite simple you just pick an object and press A to activate it. Some things you haunt you can control…others are automatic. You have a little ecto meter which once it runs out you are sent to the underworld to collect more, this is actually where you can get killed and end up having a game over. I find this part of the game very tedious and boring, If all I had to do was haunt the house and get rid of the family for all of the 4 houses you have to haunt that would be fine, but running through the underworld was just a pain, and you have to collect all the blobs of ecto in order to advance so if you miss one….you have to go all the way back….it sucks.




Like usual this was my first night so I wanted to get familiar with the game, however the game is incredibly easy for the most part. The one thing I will say is this game is beautiful for 16-bits. It has a lot of gore, and great animations, however like most Sega genesis titles, the sound and music is down right awful and we can all be adults and admit the SNES had the better sound card with better soundtracks. I got to the 2nd house when the tiredness had set in, I was expecting Raymond to wake up at any moment and have another terrible night. So I packed it in early and went to bed. It only took about a half an hour before he awoken and it was quite difficult getting him to bed like it was for the last week.


  • Day 2 and 3

Day 2 was my late night, and like usual I took a back seat because I was tired, this time my parents tried to feed him a bit more because we thought that maybe he was waking up because he was still hungry…..Nope that wasn’t the case. My Son was in tons of pain.  Then it occurred to us that his sleeping problems starting once we changed him over to regular milk….Maybe it was the milk…. On day 3 I brought home some lactaid milk for Raymond to try, this would have been the last thing we would have tried before we were going to take him to a doctor. So we gave it a try and Raymond…..Slept. He slept like he used to. By this night I didn’t want to chance it so expecting him to wake up and be a nightmare I just went to bed super early. Turns out Raymond is just Lactose intolerant right now, So now that it was going through his system. He was getting better sleep meaning we were getting better sleep.




  • Day 4

So this was the last night I played because the week was so exhausting from kiddo not sleeping good through the night. I managed to get to the 3rd house and dying in the underworld. I just couldn’t motivate myself to play anymore…I found the game boring, and it was hard for me to keep going so after this night I called it a bust and decided to try out my new TG-16 Everdrive which works amazing.




  • Conclusion

I feel like I shafted this game and didn’t give it a fair run, I used to love this game years back, however what I didn’t realize is the AI is awful, they literally run back and forth into the same 2 rooms, This ruins the game for me when there is over  400 different object to haunt I only got to see some because the family members would run into the same rooms the whole time. I don’t know if it was just being real tired or if I was just bored I don’t know I definitely will revisit this one in the near future maybe in Octobe, when I’m more into the Haunting move. On a side note, The milk has been working Raymond’s sleep is back to normal if not getting better. So hopefully next week’s review will be a hell of a lot better. I will come back to this one and beat it, seems easy enough





One thought on “Weekending 8/6/16 The Haunting (Genesis)

  1. hahahaha! I remember when you first got the ROM of this and showed me the toilet monster. perfection. and by the way… the SNES and GEN sound cards…both can be used awesome, and both can be used horribly. just sayin!

    I’m glad Raymond seems to be doing better 🙂


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