Weekending 8/13/16 Super Adventure Island



  • Introduction

This was the 2nd SNES title I got when I got my Super Nintendo when I was a child. I really wanted this game and my Uncle Pete had bought it for me as a birthday gift. What drew me to this game is I used to go to one of my childhood friends house and play the original version for NES(Some day I’ll tackle that one). I just remember how hard it was and how hard this one was going to be. Only one problem, I beat this game in one day, so I’m going to take a different format and just tell you about the game itself.




  • Day 1….in fact the only day

Super Adventure Island is just like the original. You have a timer that you need to refill by collecting fruit, One hit kills, limited continues, and a Weapon that take practice to master. Only difference if you keep collecting weapons you upgrade them in this one, so if you collect 4 hammers or boomerangs, they become fire weapons, which is typically what you want when you have weapons, I like the boomerangs myself because they go in 4 different angles and they are easier to control. There is also the skateboard of course which makes it a bit faster to maneuver through the stage, but of course if you get hit you lose it. There are only 5 stages when I was a kid these were the hardest 5 stages ever. Now….they are super easy.




I flew through this game with two full tried. I had cut open my thumb at work the day before so I was in pain whenever I pressed a button. So I didn’t do so well the first time, once the pain numbed I was able to start over and get to the final boss which is the hardest part. He fights like Bowser at the end of Super Mario 3 but much bigger. I died at least 5 times before I did him in.  One good aspect about this game is it does have a great soundtrack. I found myself bopping my head to all the music that came on.


  • Conclusion

Sorry for such a short post, It was a rough week for me. Raymond and the Wife were sick and The kiddo wasn’t sleeping very well then our dog god sick. It was an utter mess. So for next week I might just take the week off of the blog so I can relax and think about what I will be doing next so I can write a better post. Sorry for such a short one, but it’s been such a tiring week









One thought on “Weekending 8/13/16 Super Adventure Island

  1. good one! I still have yet to play through any of the adventure island games. I’ve only toyed around with the NES one…and not for very long. maybe 5 or 10 minutes. I’m definitely going to be checking out the soundtrack for this one though!


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