Weekending 8/27 (plus overtime) Super Metroid!!!!! SNES



  • Introduction:

I was trying to hold off on this one for a while, however…it IS the 30th anniversary of this beloved franchise. As much as I was holding off and holding off….Last Sunday night I got hooked because I just started so I could screw around and what happened if I made progress fast. So I kept playing and playing. It’s been a while since I last played this game, As I played through it I could remember nothing. This was ok for the fun of this game is continuing to explore and explore until you get to the end. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Follow the map, make a mental note of areas you can’t access right away, get the right items, fight a few bosses along the way, access areas you couldn’t previously access, keep going to you finish.



I love the SNES, it’s by far the greatest console of all time….. In my opinion……This is the greatest game on this console. I know it’s debatable especially my friend Roger, he hates this game which I never understood why…. He like games like Castlevania Symphony of the Night which follows the same formula, I think he just isn’t into the whole Space atmosphere….He’d probably debate that either, Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy 6 was the best game on the console. Although they are fantastic games, nothing captures the feeling of playing through this one. To Roger, any game with menus up the wazoo is the best games to play…..Can’t wait till they make menu the game where all you do is click a pointer at options and numbers and all kinds of stuff.


  • The Game

Trying to do a new format here so I can  do less writing.  So basically I played this game everyday last week and I couldn’t finish it in one week so it leaked into the other week, so it took me about 8 days to beat this masterpiece…..I just had to finish it! I worked way to hard not to. At this point Raymond has been regressing a bit in his sleep, I usually get about 2 hours, so I had to change-up how I do things around the house, so I could maximize the amount of gaming I could do. So I played everyday in about 2 hours increments give or a take a half an hour each day depending on when he woke up.




So this is game is technically Metroid 3. it’s the 3 story in the series. The first one was on the NES and was pretty much hard based on the fact it was cryptic and there was no map system and you had to use a password save system. Great game but never had the confidence to try to go through that one. Metroid 2 was on Game boy, Since I never really play the Game boy nor plan on collecting for it, I have not played this one. So Super Metroid it is. In the beginning it recaps the other 2 games you kind of get a feel of what is going on story wise however, after that point there is no text or story line, you just have to experience the game through Samus’s eyes and make your own conclusions whats going on, but it is pretty straight forward of what is going on with the planet.




Although this is a game about space and aliens, after the intro…..you stay on one planet, which happens to be the planet from the original Metroid game….Planet Zebes. Metorids are  these life force stealing aliens that look like jellyfish, and if they cling onto you…you are pretty much screwed because they are a bitch to get off you. The good thing is you don’t have to deal with these suckers until the very end of the game, which you have a well enough arsenal to deal with them rather quickly. The final boss is still Mother Brain and the famous Ridley is also in this game as well.



As I played through the game, I progressed rather well up until Day 6 I kind of stalled out a bit because I couldn’t quite figure out where I had to go, this is very common in these types of games, but it’s also part of the fun, the only issue is that depending on how quickly you beat this game is how good of an ending you get. So I had to work against the clock but I figured I wouldn’t have gotten the best ending no matter what because I wasted too much time back tracking and getting stuck in stupid areas. Also I realized something about myself…..I HATE LAVA AND WATER LEVELS!!!! Not just in this game…….in EVERY GAME!!!! It’s like a must to have them and irritate the hell out of you. This game is No different….Especially the water level….so Frustrating I always feel like I rush through water levels because I hate them so much. However once you get that key item it’s cake, just like in Ocarina of Time, once you got the steel boots you were good….Once you got the gravity suit in Super Metroid you were good. I was floundering around in the water level about day 7. As for the Lava level which is known as Norfair(I wonder why) I had to keep going back and forth through that god damn section so I was there Day 3, then a little in Day 4 then after the water level on day 6 I had to go back for all of day 7! What a nightmare. I would tell my co-worker Anthony all day at work how much I dreaded the fact I had to go back to Norfair that day. He doesn’t even play video games but he knew about Norfair because all I did was bitch and complain about having to go back there over and over again.




The final day I had to fight off Ridley in Norfair and then get the hell out of there so I could confront Mother Brain and take her down once and for all. This is where the narrative really takes place and when you need the background information for both games, I’m not going to reveal too much, but let’s just say that a Metroid becomes your greatest ally and helps you take down the final boss which becomes incredibly easy after that.



Once Mother Brain is finally defeated just like the last Metroid you plant a Bomb this time to destroy the whole planet and it give you about 3 Minutes to run back to your ship in the beginning and escape. Don’t worry this is definitely enough time. Once you get into your ship, the game is over and you fly off as the planet explodes behind you. Then you find out what ending you get.



This was the ending I got, she just takes her helmet off so you can see her face, However when I was a kid I was obsessed with this game and I wanted the “Good” ending. When I was a kid the rumor was that if you beat the game in under 3 hours Samus takes off her entire power suit with her just in a bikini type zero suit. I didn’t believe it but since the internet wasn’t advanced back then and no one had youtube I thought it couldn’t be real especially with the “Nude” Raider controversy (which was a total lie by the way). So I did it and low and behold….it was real.




I remember taping it on a VHS tape for the moment when I finally beat it in under 3 hours. I wonder where that tape went off to…..


  • Conclusion

Super Metroid is great! It’s a game everyone should play through at least once….Especially you Roger! Get over it man, it’s fantastic and you should find out on your own. I know I know it doesn’t have enough menus for you but it’s a great game that you should play!



I’m Sure AJ will back me up on this one






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