Weekending 6/3/17: Zelda Breath of the Wild (Switch)



  • Introduction:

Before I start I would like to apologize for the lack of posts. I am working on a project which I will reveal at a later date, and it has been taking up a lot of my time, also…. My wife graduated from college, and my Son is turning 2 in a month. So, with that being said… I’ve been quite busy.

Anyhow…. Yes, I have a Nintendo Switch and Yes…I have Zelda. Just for all of you wondering, the Last lack of posts was due to this enormous game. I bought this game and my Switch at launch which was on March 3rd. I didn’t finish the game until about the last week of April. It consumed ALL of my free time. How was it you ask? Well let’s get down to it.



  • The Switch itself….The revolution

If you have been reading, you all know Raymond’s sleep habits have not been very good. A lot of times I’d get 30 minutes at most. So there was no way I would be able to tackle this giant with a Wii U. As a Nintendo fan, I was going to get a Switch anyway. I was lucky enough to get a pre-order right away. Also GameStop was selling bundles at a regular price, This is how my Best Friend Joe got his.

Anyway This system was perfect for my situation. Once Raymond was in bed I would play most of this game on the TV. If he woke up early or didn’t go to bed, Just like that I can take the system with me and just play it in my bedroom while Raymond Slept in our bed. It’s fantastic and any Video Game playing dad would agree that having a kid sleep in your bed puts a damper on your game playing. This system is the perfect solution. Despite what people will say, This system is incredible. Nintendo has something special here. I pray they don’t blow it this time.


One of the many gorgeous cut scenes 
  • Best Zelda hands down

This is hard for me to say. Link to the past will always have a special place in my heart. I know everyone loves Ocarina of time, however it just didn’t do it for me. Until Breath of the Wild came out, Link to the Past was my favorite. This game just immersed me into it’s breathing living world. In the beginning I felt so lost. This was a massive world for me to explore and you start with nothing. Any weapon you get breaks quick so don’t get attached to weapons unless it’s the Master Sword, which you will not get until later. You actually need 13 heart containers to pull it out of the ground or it will kill you.


In game graphics

There is so much to do in this game, However just like game like Skyrim, you can just go right to Gannon. I believe the record for speeding though the game right now is 45 minutes? I might be wrong, but I’m not a speed runner and I wanted to take my time with this game.

So you are Link, like usual but only this time, you have been a sleep for 100 years and have lost your memory. The big selling point to the story is regaining it and finding out what happened 100 years ago which put you in the predicament you are in right now. Gannon has already taken over, Zelda is no where to be found and it’s up to you to find her, and take out Gannon.


This brings me to the issue I have with this game which is very very minor might I add. There is absolutely no sense of urgency whatsoever. Anytime you look towards the castle you can see a fog that looks like Gannon flying around it but hey, I’d rather go snowboarding on my shield, or ride bears around, or dress up like a woman and go into the women only town. It feels weird that in this world that Gannon took over 100 years, Nobody seems to care and everyone just seems to live their lives like normal. The story seemed to not really matter in this one, which is a damn shame because it’s a good one. I loved the premise a lot.


A flashback you recover to find out what happened 100 years ago
  • Do whatever on a grand scale

The hardest thing for me while playing this game with Raymond, is how long it took to accomplish things to progress. Some days I would get a lot of things done, like Side quests, or find pieces of armor I would need, Or finish up a few shrines. Other days….. I felt like I wasted my time and got nothing done. Through the whole time I had played this game the greatest thing to me was that it never got stale. I loved exploring and every shrine and puzzle was unique. A lot of heart was put into this game and it was a master piece.  There are no dungeons, which will probably bum out some people, however the game is so massive that at the end you are kind of glad there is no dungeons.

I did not 100% complete this game, it is just way to large, and with my son I just don’t have the time. However I never truly felt I was ready to face Gannon. One night I went through Hyrule Castle and got all the way to where I would face him…..and turned back…. Hyrule Castle is very intimidating and it took me about an hour and a half to scale it and find every thing in the incredibly detailed castle… It was an adventure in it’s own right


Just the bottom of the castle
  • The long journey

When I had finally defeated Gannon, I was able to look how many hours I played this game to get at this point…

it was 90. 90…..90….. 90 HOURS!! and once you beat it they reward you with a stat Icon……I was only 32% done with everything. The completionist,  a famous youtuber had gotten everything 100%….it took him 240 hours….. That’s a long time. I couldn’t do it. Especially since this game is…..HARD AS NAILS. I got killed in one hit so many times. Whether I fought Lynels or whether some big guy with a club knocked me off a cliff to my death. This game is hard. No hand holding whatsoever. Nintendo got tired of people complaining their games were to easy…..Not this one. They just dump you in the middle of no where with no tutorial or instruction booklet and just say have at it man…..



  • Conclusion

This game was absolutely fantastic. I loved every second of it…..except when it rained….screw the rain in this game…..and lightning. I loved playing through this game, it gave me new hope for other games to come out since the modern market was getting boring. There is way to much to explain in this game to go on. The best part of this game was figuring out everything for yourself. I found out something new every single day and I’m sure there is still a bunch of things I haven’t tried yet that I could be able to do.

This game made the Switch worth buying alone for me. A massive game I could literally take anywhere I wanted and play anywhere I wanted.  Highly recommend this system to anyone who loves video games, especially retro games. The game market on the switch is fantastic which I may or may not get into next time.



Thanks for Reading!




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