Weekending 7/1/17: Mario Kart 8 On the switch/Updates!

Yes….that’s Link he’s in Mario kart
  • Introduction

Sorry Fans, It’s been a while I know, However I have huge news! Two Giant things have been happening where I’ve been quite busy and they are

  1. I’ve been Quite busy writing stories on certain SNES games for the next book Brett Weiss is writing.
  2. I’m Selling my home and Moving to another.
  3. Raymond is still a Stinky sleeper. (Poor Kid)


Yes that’s right, I have been writing for a book the last couple of months and I have been spending majority of my nights doing that. I wrote 13 stories for 13 different games from the Super Nintendo Library. I am very excited about this and look forward to the release of it. Brett said some where around the beginning of 2018. Stay tuned for updates.

Sadly I am selling the house my wife and I have been living in for the last 5 years. We had a lot of memories in this house and part of us are real saddened and hope everything works out and we will be able to afford the home of our dreams.

And of course…….Raymond. He’s turning 2 in two weeks. That’s exciting as well. He’s getting so big and when he’s older I hope this blog is still around so he can browse through what was going on when he was growing up. Hope he really enjoys this.



  • A port of an old friend

I don’t really have much to say about this version of Mario Kart except that it’s the same as the Wii U version.  I already have that one. I got this because I wanted to play online, and it included all the downloadable content from the Wii U release. That Includes: Link, Splatoon Kids, New Karts, and a ton of new tracks. I played a lot of the Wii U version. Which is where it became a problem for me…

It got boring……really fast. Well the single player grand prix did. As I played I just kept thinking to myself that I had already done this before… It just got stale. I’m not saying by any means it’s a bad game. It’s a GREAT game. Probably the best Mario Kart I have ever played. it’s up there with Mario Kart64. I love this game and If I knew more Switch owners I would play online more.


At this writing I currently only have about 3 friends on my list. My closest Friend Joe, A work friend Dave, and a famous YouTuber Nathan Barnatt.  I have yet to play with any of these fine young gentleman because we are never on at the same time. Hopefully someday


Sorry I kept this short but I just don’t have much to say about it…This was mostly an update post just so you guys know I’m still here…….just Very very busy.

Hopefully next week I will have more to write about!





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